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Roof coating is essential for roof protection against wind, rain, hail, and sunlight. But did you know that with today’s technology you can have a heat reflective roof coating over your head? Yes indeed! It is very much possible to lessen the temperature inside your home during those hot summer days. What is more interesting is that you don’t even have to sacrifice the beauty of your roof because NXT Cool Zone offers varied colour choices. Aside from that, heat reflective roof coatings do not just cool your house on a hot day; but it is also a great way to save on your energy and cooling costs.

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The benefits of heat reflective roof coatings

heat reflective roof coatings NXT Cool ZoneHere in Australia, the most preferred roof colours are rich brown, red, grey and terra cotta; however dark coloured roofs like these can soak up the Sun’s energy making your home hotter by the minute. But with heat reflective roof coatings, your house could be between 6 and 10 degrees cooler inside. That’s right! With summer around the corner, with heat reflective roof coating, you could be using your air-conditioner less, and saving your hard earned dollars.

Light pastel colours and silver roofs are ideal for houses here in Australia because these colours can easily reflect the Sun’s heat. The only problem is that these colours are not complimentary to most house designs in the area and there are areas wherein light coloured roofs are not allowed due to reasons established by the Council planning controls.  So since the council requires roof that would blend into the environment, NXT Cool Zone made available colours that are approved by the council.

With heat reflective roof coatings you are guaranteed a safe, environment-friendly technology that only uses water based acrylic polymers with minimal Volatile Organic Compounds. NXT Cool Zone will not only lessen the heat inside your home, but it also infused with micronized pigments that are highly resistant to UV light, chemicals and heat.

So why settle for ordinary roof coatings when you can have everything you need in heat reflective roof coatings; not only beneficial for your roof, but most importantly for you too. What are you waiting for? Revive your roof, help the environment, save money on energy costs, and most of all, live comfortably. Have your own smart coating for a perfect finish. Click here to get a quote today!

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