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NXT Cool Zone from Nutech Paints

Cooling Your Home with Roof Paint?

You sure can. NXT Cool Zone heat reflective roof paint decreases room temperatures in the home or office by up to 10 degrees.

  • Available in Charcoal or Terra Cotta.
  • Long-term exterior durability and is available in high gloss or low sheen finish.
  • Forty-six standard shades and can be colour-matched to your existing roof.

NXT Cool Zone Heat Reflective Roof PaintEnvironmentally Responsible Roof Coating

Nutech Paints have 50+ years of experience developing and manufacturing heat reflective roof painting technology. NXT Cool Zone is their flagship nanotech modified acrylic polymer roof paint. The acrylic polymer roof paint was designed to substantially lower surface friction. Less friction means a reduction in dirt and other stuff sticking to your roof. It also allows the rain to wash dirt away more easily. It is also fade-resistant and resistant to chemicals, UV light and heat. This means that your roof stays cleaner and retains it’s vibrancy over time.

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