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Perth Roof Restoration – an Expert Service

Tidy Perth roof? Tidy Perth home.

Climate Roof Restorations are experts when it comes to cleaning and painting your roof. Your home’s dome is designed to protect you from the elements. It should look strong, bold and proud. Not … “licheny”.

It protects you from;

⦿ wind
⦿ rain (and rust)
⦿ leaves, twigs, airborne refuse
⦿ bird … deposits
⦿ Perth heat (not this Perth Heat – we mean the sun)

It makes sense for you to protect the thing that protects you. We do Perth roof restoration right.

One of the things that you should do to keep your lid in tip-top condition is to clean it.

perth roof restorationClean, Fix & Restore

We can clean your tiles and with a high-pressure hose, remove lichen and other sticky elements. Restoration is one of the many ways to protect your home. It is something that you can do to protect the roof that protects you. Damaging elements like rain, snow, wind and other elements are some of the factors that can cause damage. Rain on a Perth roof can be considered to be the most harmful element that can cause damages to your roof, but with roof restoration, it can be avoided.

Coatings that save you money

We have 2 coatings we recommend, although to be honest, the first is a bit expensive. It’s amazing though and can reduce the temperature of rooms on a hot day by around six degrees.

  1. NXT Cool Zone
  2. Tileflex 2000

Read more about heat reflective costings in general here.

Add real value to your property

A freshly painted roof will add beauty and value to your property.

Damaged tiles covered in lichen or rusty colorbond could come over like an awkward reflection of your personality. A strong, sturdy and colourful parade of tiles (or tin) is what you’re after. Especially if you are now working from home (due to COVID). Some of your visitors may be acquaintances or business associates (not family) and although many say they don’t people do judge!!!

There’s a lot to a Perth roof restoration as the sun has a lot to answer for in this state.  A nice lid on your home plays a big part in the overall aesthetic appeal. And is (somewhat) a reflection on you and how you like to “present” to others.

However, a job this important does require a professional to complete it. Climate guarantees a service that provides quality and value for your money. Don’t trust that guy with a mop and bucket. We’ve been in this industry for years.

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